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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 4, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>>megyn: was last night a game change other? what do you think? follow me on twitter. let me know your thoughts. getting a lot of great insight on twitter in the wake of the debate. here is "studio b" with trace here for shepard smith. >>trace: the news begins anew on "studio b" today. the presidential nominees back on the trail after the first face off. today, polls show most americans call governor romney the clear winner in this debate. is it enough to sway voters in his direction in new word that more americans are staying on top of their credit card payments. there is a catch. now they are falling behind on other loans. that could spell trouble for the economic recovery. another debt from a rare strain of meningitis as officials warn there could be more. keep in mind this is not your typical outbreak.
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it seems the dozens of victims all caught it from tainted injections for back pain. that is all ahead on "studio b." first from fox as 3:00, the presidential candidates hitting the campaign trail after facing off last night in the first of three presidential debates. both candidates set to visit men of the key election battlegrounds that will decide this election. president obama in colorado today ahead of stops in wisconsin, virginia, and ohio. governor romney campaigns in virginia tonight and heads to florida. the republican nominee coming off what political analysts are calling a very strong performance. most saying he was the clear winner. in a cbs news instant poll, 46 percent of uncommitted voters who watched the debate picked romney as the winner. 22 percent said the president won. about a third called it a tie. this is a snapshot based on
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instant reaction to the debate not carefully considered opinion which often changes in the days that follow. romney senior advisor predicted a dynamic shift in the campaign following the debate. senior obama campaign strategist axelrod said of the debate and i quote, "it's like playoffs in the sports. you evaluate after every contest and make adjustments and i am sure we will make adjustments." we have ed henry on the campaign trail but, first, job -- john roberts is in virginia. what do we hear from governor romney today following the well lauded performance. >>reporter: before leaving colorado he stopped 59 a conference where he got a minute-london stand ovation, saying that is a good sign, that make people who were look warmer committed. last night was everything that republicans had been asking for.
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the challenge for mit -- mitt romney is to keep doubling down accusing the president of promoting a trickle down government. >> we have two very different courses for america. trickle down government or prosperity through freedom. trickle down government that the president proposes is one where he will raise taxes on small business which will kill jobs. i, steady, want to keep taxes down to create jobs. >>reporter: sunday morning chris christie thought the campaign would be turned on his head and got flak but chris christie was right. >>trace: the romney campaign is portraying the race as a very stark choice between the two candidates. >>reporter: highlight the differences. they got help from moderator jim lehrer who said several times we
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are very clear that there are very stark differences between the two of you. governor romney tried to make this a referendum on obama but that was not going anywhere so the big choice highlighting on the different issues from taxes to spending and the deficit. >> only in washington would you count $4 trillion of reduction when, in fact, the plan called for adding $1 trillion of debtry one of the next fur years. i think that is wrong. we should instead take a course represented by free democrat to get america to cap our funding, cut our spending and get us on track to a balanced budget. >>reporter: the obama campaign licking their wounds and said governor romney has a vigorous performance that was devoid of honesty. the romney campaign firing back against that saying that the obama campaign has been engaging inning in but false statements. trace, the war of words continues this far after the
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debate. >>trace: it will go on. john, thank you. president obama's advisor, david axelrod acknowledging that governor romney has a great night and admitting the president will make some adjustments. president obama fought back today attacking governor romney on the campaign trail. listen. >> it could not have been mitt romney because the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5 trillion in tax cuts to pay for the wealthy. he said he didn't know about that last night. >> despite the criticism of president obama from fellow democrats, david plouffe who managed the 2008 campaign, reportedly said the mission last night was "not for zingers." we continue with ed henry, live
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in denver. this was the president's first chance to come out swinging after the debate last night. >>reporter: he did. what is interesting, that runs counter to the narrative the obama camp is trying to put out it was a hollow victory for mitt romney and maybe the president did not take it on the children. to come out swinging as hard as he did at the rally in denver, that suggests he realized he had to make up for missed opportunity and he did not counter punch. the democrats surprised that mitt romney made a comment about tax loopholes and said maybe you need a new accountant to figure out the tax code they were stunned the democrats said the president didn't fight back on mitt romney's tax returns or the bain capital days, offshore accounts all left on the table without any swings. then mitt romney said that he wanted to go after pbs in a certain yellow character. the president had fund with that 59 the rally. >> thank goodness somebody is
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getting tough on big bird. it is about time. we didn't know that big bird was driving the federal deficit. but that's what we her last night. how about that? elmo, too? >>reporter: a counter punch the president did not use. the good news today, you go back in history, a lost incumbents have lost the first debate and come back strong and won the other debates. reagan in 1984 and bush in 2004, and the cloud was being warmed up with journey's "don't stop believing." and they are pushing a narrative we heard from john roberts that mitt romney lied his way through the debate and the math does not add up is all of this will catch
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up on mitt romney on the tax cuts. i talks to the voters, obama fan s, several of them think romney won because of his gravitas. listen to david axelrod on a conference call today. >> he may win the oscar for the performance but he will not win the presidency if his performance last night. >> you see the mountains behind me, a democrat was at the rally and he climbs the mountains and said he sees it this way: some days everyone is working together when you climbing. other days someone has to cut the rope. it is stormy. this is one of those days. but he thinks it will pass for the president. >>trace: we will see, ed henry. now to the national political reporter for
3:09 pm erin, you heard ed, that president obama lost the debate but now the excuses are rolling in. al gore says, no, no, no, he lost because of the altitude in denver, 5,000', and the obama campaign saying it is because mitt romney wasn't honest. they are having a tough time trying to spin out of this. >>guest: they are. another thing that we heard david axelrod say this morning is that the president didn't want to have two candidates on stage insulting each other. that was part of the reasoning for why he didn't bring up bain capital or romney's tax returns or the 47 percent video. >>trace: "politico" had a quote that said there was no knockout punch but a thousand cuts that made obama plead. the question everyone is asking, how much did he bleed. how much did it cost? >>guest: it is hard to say because it will take a
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long-term, not a long-term, up to a week to she in the presidents. we don't know yet what it will look like in the battleground states. e obama campaign is moving very quickly to make that trust argument against mitt romney through some of their surrogates in states like ohio and virginia and others. they don't want this to take off for mitt romney. >>trace: it could take a few days or a week to find out how it polls. i will give you exams of how it is polling. this is cbs and cbs says that 56 percent say their opinion of mitt romney has changed, and 63 percent say romney cares about their needs and problems. that is up 33 percent from before the debate. those are good numbers. >>guest: they sure you. one thing that the focus groups showed up last night, we have
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had a lot of undecided voters liked what they heard from mitt romney about the bipartisan record as governor of massachusetts. that is not something that gets on the trail. we don't see that in ads. we see a last independent voters like that. president obama has a reputation for just pushing through big legislation with only democrats, those in his party. mitt romney said last night, he had to work with democrats as a republican in massachusetts to get things done. >>trace: we should note on that, 75 percent of independents say that romney won that debate and if you are going after independents that is a key number. thank you, erin. good to see you. >> governor romney and his running mate will be on hannity tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. president obama and governor romney spent a lot of time talking about taxes last night and brought up a lost numbers in
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the process. coming up, we will breakdown some of the figures and find out which each man's tax proposals would actually do. plus, syria's civil war has now spilled over the border into turkey. turkey has fired back. now leaders are saying more attacks could be on the way. the latest as the conflict threatens to go regional. next. @
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>>trace: turkish forces are striking syrian targets for a second straight day the most dramatic escalation of tension since the syrian revolt began a year ago. you can see the turkish firing shots in return for a bomb from syria that killed five turkey residents including a six-year
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old boys. officials in syria are calling this shelling a tragic accident. still, turkish lawmakers today voted to authorize cross border attacks. in the united states, secretary of state, hillary clinton, called the turkish foreign minister and pled the united states support. syria was the ally of turkey but now it is a bitter enemy after syria erupted in a bloody civil war 19 months ago, a violent revolution which human rights groups say has killed some 30,000 people. the chief fox correspondent, jonathan hunt, is like with the news. tensions are clearly still very high along that border. >>jonathan: they are. syria share as lengthy border with turkey. it is just on the syrian side of that border where the rebels are in many towns the strongest. it is across that border that many of the refugees from the civil war in syria have fled. it is a border that turkey says it has the right and more importantly, perhaps, the
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ability to defend. in so doing, at the moment, it has the complete support of the united states. listen. >> from our perspective, the response that turkey made was appropriate. it also was designed to strengthen the deterrent effect so these kind of things don't happen again. it was proportional. >>jonathan: the syrian government apologized saying it was an accident and most experts would say syria has little to gain from starting a war with turkey. they believe that it probably was a mistake. it doesn't make it any less of a dangerous mistake. >>trace: syria has a ton to lose. this is action on this at the united nations? >>jonathan: "action" is a relative word but there is talk on the east side of manhattan.
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the security council is looking at a draft statement condemning the syrian action. guess what? the russians want the language watered down so it is in their words "balanced." everyone, though, is saying this is an urgent matter. it has to be dealt with. this was the view of the british foreign secretary earlier today. listen. >> this whole incident is a reminder that the longer the conflict goes on, the greater the danger to international peace and security. we need a transitional government. we need a peaceful solution. this underlines the urgency. >>jonathan: it looks as though syria has -- rather, turkey has shelled syria positions so it is still a very dangerous situation along that long border. trace? >>trace: action in the u.n. could have been the wrong word, you are right. >> bringing in middle east
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expert michael singh, a former senior director for middle east affairs at the national security council. you have, michael, the situation where syria has apologized. you have turkey saying there is no appetite for war. the question becomes, can bashar al-assad handle fighting from in his country the rebels as well as outside of his country from turkey? that could be enough to crush the regime? >>guest: there is is no doubt bashar al-assad wants to keep turkey out of this. that is why we see not just syria apologizing but the russians who are the main diplomatic protector coming in and trying to contain this situation. what you see from the west, also, frankly, is a desire to contain the actual spillover here, the fighting here, and move this into the united nations security council to try to take advantage of this, to
3:20 pm
spur action in the council. >>trace: you use the word "contain" and that brings the next question. are you concerned this could become a regional war and spread in what really is a very unsettled part of world? >>guest: well, it is already more regionalized than people realize. you have this strike in turkey. it is not the first strike in turkey. we have seen strikes in lebanon. there have been a flow of refugees? jordan and turkey. we have iranian forces and hezbollah directly involved in the fighting. as time goes on we will see more regionalization here. we also have the jihadist coming in from god knows where. >>trace: we have hezbollah, iran is still giving bashar al-assad weapons. it is time that someone, the united states and others, come in and start giving the rebels the tools they need to fight the
3:21 pm
war? >>guest: it is well past time the united states needs to take more of an active leadership role. these protests started in march of 2012 as peaceful protests. what do we have? we have extremists involved and the regionalization of the conflict. we have not done that much. what are we pressing for now? a u.n. security council resolution that probably is not going to happen. the united states needs to come up with more ideas on how we will resolve this. >>trace: we worry about bashar al-assad leafing but now it appears bashar al-assad is the greater of all evils. thank you, sir. >> if defense contractors send out thousands of letters saying they will have to cut jobs it will not look good for the obama administration so the white house trying to prevent the letters from going out. republicans are up in arms. what it has to do with the so-called "fiscal cliff" is next.
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>>trace: some republican lawmakers are going after the white house over handling of potential job cuts in the defense industry. less than three months from now we are set to go over the "fiscal cliff." that is when the bush era tax cuts expire and spending cuts take effect. unless, of course, the president and congress come to the rescue. among the cuts are half a trillion for the pentagon. the white house has a new message for defense contractors ahead of those possible layoffs.
3:26 pm
now to mike emanuel in washington, dc. what is the obama administration saying about this? >> the obama administration has told the contractors it is not necessary to send outlay off notices 60 days ahead of the defense cuts as the law requires. the argument is because there is uncertainty about if the spending cuts will happen and the effect they would have. a top legal expert says that is not following the spirit of the law. >> the administration did not give the specifics required by law as to what plants would be affected and said the act is nullified because of that. the whole purpose of the act is to give workers forewarning and that is what is missing here. if things don't go well, these workers will go over the cliff in the game of chicken. >>reporter: both the president and members of congress are on the campaign trail so the earliest this can be worked out is after the election when the pressure will be on.
3:27 pm
>>trace: and the clock ticks. some republican lawmakers are not too thrilled the way this is handles. >>reporter: that is right. the administration has told the defense contractors if they get sued for not sending outlay off notices, the government will pick up the tab. senator graham said this is typical president obama politics, being supportive of the warren act when convenient and against it when it creates political downside. this is the most outcome based white house in memory. he is outraged the government is instructing businesses to violate the law. >>trace: thank you, mike, from the white house. a new report shows that fewer americans are late on their credit card payments but, at the same time, we are letting the tell might you will on other loans. plus, a look at how president obama and governor romney duked it out over taxes during last night's debate.
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3:32 pm
it is not all good news. we learned that more americans were overdue on home equity, home improvement, and car loans. economists say amid the weak jobs picture, our debt problems are not going away any time soon. gerri willis from the fox business network is live in our new york new york studio. >>gerri: there is good news. consumer delinquency, all kinds of debt, fell to a low. as you mentioned, it was credit card debt from batches that fell the most. that is very good news. chief economist is saying economic uncertainty is driving people to pay the bills. it is something we have been waiting for, for a long-term. >>trace: if we are paying credit cardy not improve it across the board? >>gerri: all kinds of consumer credit debt out there. home equity loans are not paid off as they were, direct auto loans, and at the end of the
3:33 pm
day, people want to keep the credit card in their pocket. they pay it down. but as far as bigger items, they are not doing so. home equity loans are very concerning. >>trace: thank you, gerri willis, good to see you. >> more now on the first presidential debate. we saw major disagreements between president obama and governor romney when it came to the g.o.p. nominee's tax plan and how it would affect our skyrocketing federal deficit. >> i will not put in place a tax cut that ads to the deficit. that is part one. there is no economist that can say mitt romney tax plan adds $5 trillion if i say i will not add to the deficit with my tax plan. >> if you are lowering the rates the way you describe, governor, it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only affect high overincome individuals to avoid either raising the deficit or burdening the middle class. it is math.
3:34 pm
>>trace: which candidate had the upper hand and how much was accurate? with me is the associate editor of the financial weekly owned by the parent of this company. michael, romney says if you lower the tax rates what happens is, businesses have more money. businesses have more money they can hire more people and, guess what, everyone starts paying taxes and that is how you close the deficit. true? >>guest: it is true that is what he is saying. it is true that is the way a model would have it play out. the question and what assumptions go in that assertion by lowering rate and obviously on some level, lowering immediate revenue, probably, because you do caught in have all the details on closing the deductions, how, exactly, that accelerates the economy to a point without making it up on the back end. >>trace: the president, again
3:35 pm
and again, michael, he said the governor plans to raise taxes or lower taxes by $5 trillion and a couple trillion on top of that and this is how governor romney responded, and i want your reaction. >> you and your running mate say that and i know it is popular to say with a lost people but it is not the case. i have five boys. i'm used to people saying something that is not always true but keep on repeating it and hoping i will believe it. that is not the case. >>trace: when you get the $5 trillion number it was extrapolated from one year and this is also blown out of proportion. >>guest: the $5 trillion is from what we know of the plan, and it is a third-party estimate of the ten-year effect, so you have tremendous number of assumptions, the size of the economy and that is where the number comes from. it sounds more enormous than it is but this is debate if another time. what it says, you have to have
3:36 pm
certain trust in either side's assumptions. honestly, what is interesting to me, when romney went back to the segment of small business owners that do pay at the income rate on some level, the reason he has to take about that, why bother with the tax cuts of the rates if you are just making it up on closing loopholes and deductions? because of that sliver of employers, that pay that income rate, that is the only kind of way do do it. otherwise, what is the point? the point is, he is saying small business will carry us to a better economic time. >>trace: but the president can raise taxes on everyone who makes more than $250,000 and you can take it all and you will not close the deficit. >>guest: you are not. on both sides, people are overestimating how powerful the instrument of tax policy is, either on economic growth or on closing the deficit. it is just not that big a swing
3:37 pm
factor in this environment. >>trace: good to see you, mile. >> f.b.i. agents have been able to inspect the scene in benghazi, three weeks, now, after the deadly attacks which killed a u.s. ambassador and three staffers. the f.b.i. reports the agents arrived today and left a short time later. according to the reporting of cbs it consisted of several forensic specialists who collected as were evidence from the burned out come pound. this comes after a bombshell report in the "washington post" newspaper claiming that one of their reporters found sensitive documents in the compound sitting out in plate sight. the u.s. attorney general holder refused to address the issue with reporters. here he is. >> i don't want to comment on that which is an ongoing matter but i am confident through the steps we are taking and that we
3:38 pm
plan to take that we will be able to exploit the scene as is appropriate and hold accountable those people who committed those acts. >>trace: lawmakers are preparing for a hearing on the attack and will call a state department staffer to definite would claims the administration shot down requests for extra security in libya. that is despite claims the security situation in libya was spiraling out of criminal. now, michael singh, the former senior director for middle east affairs at the national security council. why the f.b.i. went in today and not three weeks ago is a big question? >>guest: it is. sitting here it is tough to second-guess the f.b.i. and the military team but it does raise the question of why, now, opposed to early on after the attack, could more have been done to secure whatever documents were still there?
3:39 pm
the larger questions are about security warnings prior to the attacks. >>trace: 13 times they asked for more security. back do what the f.b.i. is on the scene today we have reports saying the sensitive documents were lying around and we know that a cnn correspondent picked up a journal from the ambassador that was lying around. this has been picked over and the damage...what does the f.b.i. hope to get great this? >>guest: it is hard to know. it is a crime scene, it was a u.s. government compound. obviously they are investigating what was the murder of u.s. government employees and even three weeks after it is important to do that and important to assemble all the facts so there is a proper investigation of what happened. people will just raise the question of why couldn't it have been done earlier in the process and more steps taken to security
3:40 pm
that area. >>trace: what if that becomes the outcome of the investigation that clearly there needed to be more security? who is to blame? >>guest: you have to balance the national interests served by being there against the threat to our national interests posed by any security issues. there are procedures in place at the state department and other agencies to do that. the questions will be, were the procedures followed? if any were followed, did they reach reasonable conclusions. you have a congressional investigation, you have an internal investigation of the state department, and, obviously you have the f.b.i. team, as well. they will need to come together and produce answers here. >>trace: with a dozen warnings were ignored. thank you, michael. >> doctors say a potentially deadly outbreak could spread further. it has already killed five people. it is bringing new attention to a medical practice that affects millions of americans.
3:41 pm
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>>trace: and the outbreak of a rare and deadly follow of meningitis that has killed five and sickened dozens much the cases are linked to steroid injections used for back pain. now like to atlanta home to the u.s. centers for disease control. everyone wonders how wide-spread this is? >>jonathan: of the five deaths you mentioned, they occurred in three states. look at the first map. three of the deaths involved patients in ten. one in virginia. one in maryland. a total of 23 meningitis cases have been reported in six states. public health officials expect there will be more. a total of 23 states received shipments of an injectable back pain medication that the centers for disease control believed may
3:45 pm
have been contaminated with a fungus which is processed by new england compounding center in massachusetts. trace? >>trace: jonathan, what should people do if they thing they my have received this steroid for back pain? >>guest: this would involve patient whose received the particular shipments of the back pain medication dating back to july. if you are one of those patients and you develop fever, nausea, worse being headaches or more serious neurological symptoms such as trouble walking, call your doctor to perform tests. patient whose test positive for this meningitis could be admitted to the hospital for antifungal medication. it is important to point out this particular form of meningitis is highly rare and it is not transmissible from
3:46 pm
patient to patient. experts believe all of these cases in this outbreak can be traced to this tainted medication coming out of that new england compounding center. the f.d.a. is investigating how the fungus got into the medication in the first place. trace? >>trace: thank you from atlanta. now, the chair of the department of preventive medicine at vanderbilt university. the most cases so far have occurred in tennessee. doctor, good to see you. jonathan mentioned 23 states got the medication and 900 people got the treatment. 36 cases so far. how wide-spread is this going to be? >>guest: jonathan has it right. this is a slow-working kind of infection. it has a long period of incubation. we are just new aware of it. i expect we will see more cases over the next several weeks in
3:47 pm
different states where the tainted medication was distributed. >>trace: how do we treat? the incubation is two to 28 days so we could see cases present weeks in the future. the question is, will we get better between now and when more cases start presenting on effective ways to treat this? >>guest: we have antifungal medications that are used for therapy. doctors know how to do it. it is tricky. they have serious side effects. the treatment is available. it can be given with an i.v. and over a period of weeks, perhaps even months. >>trace: they have shut down to pharmacy in massachusetts that was the origin of the steroids that were mixed together. it was a surprise to me, doctor, the pharmacies are mixing this up and sending it all over the country. is this common? >>guest: there are compounding
3:48 pm
pharmacies that take medications and taylor -- tailor them for specific clinical use. there are many manufacturing plants. they are remote from the rigorous oversight of the food and drug administration. that's a problem. >>trace: as far as treatment goes, i know that experts are saying the people who have this, some are in go condition and some are in grave condition. if your immune system is compromised do you do worse than if you are younger and stronger? or does that not play into this. >>guest: that is always the case. most of the people who not had serious underlying immune deficiencies. some of them are older. some of them have other underlying illnesses that could contribute to a worse prognosis. in and of itself this is a nasty
3:49 pm
infection. >>trace: doctor shaffner, thank you, sir. word today of a major medicare fraud bust. the u.s. attorney general calling it win of the biggest deficits of it kind. 91 people, including doctors and nursing facing charging for ripping off taxpayers with bogus claims to the tune $430 million. officials say it was happening in seven different cities and the suspects would bill for unnecessary procedures or services they never delivered at all. this is the latest sting following a recent crackdown on medicare fraud. >> it seems like summer just ended but already some folks about to see a little bit of snow. winter weather warnings are now in affect as millions across the country brace for a blast of cold. that is next.
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>>trace: people in some parts of the country are businessing for the first snow of the season. winter storm warnings in effect for the northern plains and upper midwest. forecasters calling for up to 8" of snow with isolated aread seeing a foot. if you do not see snow, much of the country will feel the chill. in denver the cold weather began blowing out in after the hot air blew out of the debate plunging 30 degrees in hours. rick is live in the extreme weather center. rick: i am not ready for the animation that started this with the snow on it but it is about to happen. this was yesterday's high temperatures, with cold air
3:54 pm
there. it was 83 yesterday at denver and today, 40 degrees cooler. denver is now 44. and the cold will stay with us for the next four or five days, part of a very potent storm for this time of year. it is right here across the northern plains. it doesn't look like a lot of snow falling but it will continue to fall. as it does we will see 2 itch -- 2" to 6" with the worst of it in canada, possibly seeing up to 2' of snow. temperature-wise tomorrow, the big cool down here, all the way across oklahoma and kansas to chicago, making its way to the east by saturday and sunday and we will talk about temperatures in the 40's and 50's. get ready. >>trace: that 79 in new york is going to be a lot cooler this
3:55 pm
weekend. thank you, rick. >> american airlines officials have finished inspecting 50 planes for the loose seats. though say had could be more planes that need repairs. the airline grounded dozens of boeing 757's after reports of entire rows of seats coming lose in flight. it happened on he different flights all in the past week. american airlines blamed improperly installed clamps which are supposed to keep the seats in place. it is one more public relations nightmare for the struggling airline which filed for bankruptcy last year. it is locked in a bitter pay dispute with pilots that had led to major delays and many flight cancellations. >> historic day for major league baseball. we will tell you what cabrera managed to do that no other player could do for more than four decades.
3:56 pm
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call now. >> ments of americans were watching the debate, cabrera was making history doing what no other player has done since 1967. he won the aaa crown, the most illusive achievements ling in batting average, home runs and r.b.i. joining a us which of ted williams and lou gehrig and mickey plan -- mantle. it was not done for 45 years. the last guy that did it was in 1967, carl yams


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